Terry Varty-Kaslow
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For over 30 years, owner and founder of ROOTED, Terry Varty-Kaslow, has worked with thousands of clients in the beauty industry. Throughout his career, he came to realize the profound impact that energy has on the way his clients could feel and how he could better serve them. He began to see that he could change the way people felt simply by interacting with their energy fields, by coming in contact with them, and exchanging energy.

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His interest peaked, he began to study energy medicine. Having worked with alternative medicine methods his entire life (and receiving great benefits), Terry felt confident in his path towards mastering energy medicine forms such as reiki, healing touch, and intuitive healing. He also wanted to teach people in the service industry how to manage and use their energy around others so they could better help their clients.

After extensive training and certifications, Terry founded ROOTED. He now offers premium energy healing services including universal healing energy, reiki, healing touch, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, essential oils and positive affirmations. With these tools, Terry helps his clients to self-transform and reap the benefits of energy healing. His calm and loving presence allows those around him to relax and let their healing begin.

Terry is based in the Twin Cities, and loves to travel and explore. He cherishes nature, plants, and tending to his garden. He also loves to paddleboard, bike, and spend time with his husband and his dogs, Leo and Molly.

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Terry has gained knowlege with mentorships and certifications in the following modalities:

Reiki Master
Level 3 Healing Touch
Advanced Pendulum training
Intuitive healing/energy work certification
Robert Simmons "The Alchemy of Stones" for healing work with crystals and stones

energy medicine. hair. education.